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There are no shows, which is as it needs to be. But it’s rough. Financially, all that income has disappeared. Emotionally, the thing I most look forward to doing, that motivates me, is suspended indefinitely. The artists you love can really use your support – your ears and your dollars – at this time.

I made some albums over the past few years, and today (Friday) there is a special sale where is waiving its administration fee for all purchases until midnight PST. Of course you could also stream the stuff, too, from various places, but bandcamp is special to artists because they encourage you to actually support artists ie pay for the music, and even when they do take a cut it’s smaller than the other guys’. If you like to play your music from an app, you can get their app and do it just like you do with Spotify. Or if you want CDs I’ll mail em to you !!

Rallidae is a band with songs I wrote in prettily noisy habitats, with Alex Samaras and Scott Colberg, and also Dustin Carlson and Nico Dann.

Motel is a band with Nathaniel Morgan on alto sax and Owen Stewart-Robertson on guitar. We also all sing, hum and speak a bit on this 25-minute long piece. The three of us wrote it together, and if/when you listen I’d love to hear what you experienced while listening to this piece. I mean, same goes for all of these, but I personally experience a sort of narrative aspect to this piece even though it’s very abstract.…/motel-sunshine-sold…

TMT is a jazz trio with piano (Cat Toren), drums (Anthony Taddeo), and tenor sax (me). Last year we completed an amazing collaboration with visual artists Jerry Birchfield that resulted in a two-hour long piece with accompanying art book: Asleep in the Dust. The piece unfolds in 10-minute sections. I’ve been trying to meditate more and read news less, and think this would be a great companion on a mediation, either a freeform two hours or using smaller 10-min sections.

You’ve probably already heard me go on about Both Are True, my upcoming big band album. Also, Greenleaf Music, the label that’s releasing the Anna Webber/Morris Big Band Album, has a 20% off sale going on. So it’s a great day to get some new music !!

Stay healthy. Be excellent to one another. Let me know what you’re listening to and thinking about. Let’s keep our humanness healthy, too, not only our lungs.

xoAAngela Morris improvising with Karen Ng and Jessica Ackerley in Brooklyn Aug 2018 photo by