Duo performances with Myra Melford in California this Oct!


Myra Melford (photo by Byran Murray) & Angela Morris (photo by Peter Gannushkin)

click the city for more info: Sacramento 9/30, San Francisco 10/5 & Berkeley 10/7

3 new albums!

Motel – like you always do, I always did too

cassette tape & download from Prom Night Records 
Nathaniel Morgan – alto saxophone/voice
Angela Morris – tenor saxophone/voice/violin
Owen Stewart-Robertson – guitar/voice

TMT Trio – Star Ballad

CD & download from bandcamp 
Angela Morris – tenor saxophone
Cat Toren – piano
Anthony Taddeo – drums

Rallidae – Turned, and Was

CD & download from Gold Bolus Recordings
Angela Morris – saxophone/voice/compositions
Alex Samaras – voice
Dustin Carlson – guitar/voice
Scott Colberg – bass/voice
Nico Dann – drums/voice


Trailer videos for Brackish – music & arts, a monthly performance series in Brooklyn curated by Angela Morris


Rallidae videos by Brooke Herr-Cardillo and Erin Malley