SKELLETTES: Nathaniel Morgan – alto saxophone, Angela Morris – tenor saxophone, Jason Ajemian – bass, Booker Stardrum – drums


Angela Morris – tenor saxophone
Nathaniel Morgan – alto saxophone
Jason Ajemian – bass
Booker Stardrum – drums

Skellettes is a Brooklyn band of longtime friends and collaborators Angela Morris, Nathaniel Morgan, Jason Ajemian, and Booker Stardrum. The members exist between Alaska and the East and West Coast, but the band makes its home in Brooklyn.

Angela Morris is a saxophonist, violinist, and composer in Brooklyn’s avant-jazz, new music, and pop worlds. As co-leader of the 18-piece Webber/Morris Big Band, The New York Times praised her “ambitious original compositions” and “jagged-edged band that has begun to turn musicians’ heads.” In addition to her own projects she performs with Jessica Pavone String Ensemble, Myra Melford, and Helado Negro.

Booker Stardrum is a Los Angeles based performer-composer. His recent compositions are sculptural, involving the dense layering of instruments, a focus on pan-tonality and an intuitive approach to rhythm. Booker’s sophomore solo release ‘Temporary etc.’ (NNA, 2018) is a highly personal amalgamation of electro-acoustics, minimalism, ambient, jazz, and contemporary experimental electronic music.

Nathaniel Morgan is a alto saxophonist and composer living in Brooklyn. Nathaniel collaborates in and/or leads many projects including Buckminster/DARKMINSTER, Shy Bully, Ancient Enemies, Skellettes, Motel, Vessel, Folklords, Secret People, and The Hero of Warchester. Many of these recordings appear on PromNightRecords.

Jason Ajemian will be the last human to reach the moon. His “dreamlike and hypnotic” (Downbeat) music can be heard from his band Folk-Lords/High Life. A member of Jaimie Branch’s Fly of Die, he has also performed with Jeff Parker, Chicago Underground Trio, Matana Roberts, Devendra Banhart, and many more through his years in Chicago, New York. Outside of playing bass, he spends his time as a professional bush pilot in Alaska.