Jazz Gallery Jazz Composers’ Series

The New York Times recently published an article about New York’s Big Bands, and we composers impractical enough to lead them. The Webber / Morris Big Band got a shout out (“the saxophonists Anna Webber and Angela Morris colead a jagged-edged band that has begun to turn musicians’ heads”).

The article also featured the Jazz Composers’ Showcase that Miho Hamaza has been organizing since 2014. I was really happy to have four of my compositions were played there on a program with Drew Williams and Seohyun Hong Jan 17, 2019. Thanks Miho and the Jazz Gallery for a great night !!

JCS at Jazz Gallery conducting Jan 2019

Angela Morris conducting her composition “Coral” with the Jazz Composers’ Big Band at the Jazz Gallery

JCS at Jazz Gallery poster Jan 2019

JCS at Jazz Gallery Jan 2019

Composers Drew Williams, Seohyun Hong, and Angela Morris