5: Nathaniel Morgan, recording & mixing & listening

There’s a little room in Sunset Park where you’re likely to find a bunch of half-full bottles of hot sauce and beer and coffee, and some microphones, and several portraits of Justin Bieber, and a few rockboard baffles propped up on milk crates, and a computer with a bunch of blinking-light-clad attendant gear, and one brilliant and beautiful person named Nathaniel Morgan. Although I’ve participated in recording sessions before this was my first time as the band leader, and recording at the Palace was great. Nathaniel made it comfortable to ask stupid questions without feeling stupid, and added tons to the energy of the session by being engaged in the music and by getting excited about the sonic possibilities (it was his idea to add the doubled vocal on “Long Time”). I’m super super grateful for all the time he’s spent listening to this music… and to me! Thank you, Nathaniel.


This post is part of a non-hierarchical 10-day countdown to the launch of the EP, and to the first date of our tour, expressing my immeasurable gratitude to the many folk who’ve contributed directly to realization of the music that’s happening on Paper Birds and/or to the the physical object that is the CD itself. The names are weblinks, so go see/hear what these folks are doing out there in the wide world web.