Bandcamp Friday Listening List from WMBB

Webber/Morris Big Band’s first record, Both Are True, came out one whole year ago. And oh-man-oh-boy what a year it was!

Since what the world needs now continues to include music, and since April 2 is Bandcamp Friday (when that already fab platform waives its revenue share so 100% goes to the music), and since it’s still a little cold and rainy and good for cozying up with some records, and really just because: buy some music!!

If you like Both Are True, check out these recent releases by members of the band!

Trumpeter Kenny Warren has released a number of new things this year including a solo trumpet record and some live/electronic hybrid albums, one of which drops today!

Vibraphonsit Patricia Brennan’s new album Maquishti has deservedly been attracting tons of praise.

Bass trombonist Reginald Chapman collaborated with 13 producers to create a remix album of his his debut Prototype.

Besides being our beloved bassist, Adam Hopkins runs a label called Out of Your Head which is serving a buffet of delectable morsels… Out of Your Head Records

Anna Webber joined forces with Theo Bleckmann and Chris Tordini as TAC Trio to release this album called CIX


Not directly related to Bandcamp Friday, but definitely necessary to share: saxophonist Lisa Paz Parrott created this incredible video last fall…

~~and we’re back~~

Trumpeter Jake Henry recorded this collection of collective improvisations with Lesley Mok, Matthias Pichler, and Sebastien Amman just before the lockdown started.

Trombonist Tim Vaughn and Kenny Warren are both part of the Brooklyn mainstay Slavic Soul Party, who gave us a fix of the sweaty, close, loud, exuberant atmosphere we miss from Barbès every Tuesday from forever until the pandemic.

Lead trumpeter John Lake released this album of originals and updated classics in June 2020, and it also features WMBB drummer Jeff Davis!

Ever so slightly before we all realized what we were in for, saxophonist Charlotte Greve released this beautiful album with her group Wood River.

Drummer Jeff Davis also released something in the gloriously blissful time that was early 2020: this great disc with Tony Malaby, Russ Lossing, Jonathan Goldberger, and Eivind Opsvik.

If that’s not enough for you, there are albums from the Before Times from so many members of the band, as well as other members of the extended WMBB fam… Lemme know if I missed anyone!

Marta Sanchez

Kalia Vandever

Dustin Carlson

Adam O’Farrill

Nick Grinder

Marc Hannaford

Adam Schneit

Angela Morris is part of TMT Trio with Cat Toren and Anthony Taddeo

And of course, Both Are True is, like, still for sale!

What are you waiting for? Get listening!