Brackish Streaming Spectacular + The WIRE article

Brackish Music & Art Video Spectacular – Dec 3&4, 2020
transmissions from the void: prospect park, red hook, chicago, and beyond

Featuring brand new video creations + recordings from the fall Outdoor Editions brought to you by Experimental Sound Studio…

  • Angel Bat Dawid + Phillip Armstrong
  • Peach and Tomato (Leonor Falcón Pasquali + Sana Nagano)
  • Starr Busby
  • Max Jaffe + Lindsey Weaving
  • DJ Sanna + Aquiles Navarro
  • Chris Williams + Lesley Mok
  • Ariel Yelen
  • Samantha Riott + Jessica Ackerley
  • Yackez (Larissa and Jon Velez-Jackson)
  • Amirtha Kidambi + Maria Grand
  • Charmaine Lee
  • Jaimie Breezy Branch + Miriam Parker
  • Miriam Parker + William Parker
  • Emilie Weibel, Jason Nazary, Mel Stancato
  • Medium Low (Angela Morris, Kalia Vandever, Luke Stewart, Jason Nazary)
  • Marvin Tate + Jordan Reyes
  • Multi-Culti (Jean Carla Rodea, Cecilia Lopez, Brandon Lopez, Gerald Cleaver)
  • Evan Gill Smith
  • Lester St Louis + Maya Carney
  • No Land + Joanna Mattrey
  • Anteloper + Kim Alpert
  • Bass 4tet (Scott Colberg, Ari Folman-Cohen, Ran Livneh, Michael Isvara Montgomery) + Dance (Isabel Umali, Natalie Deryn Johnson)
  • Spectralina (Selina Trepp, Dan Bitney)

The Wire featured the Brackish streaming fest in their March issue!

Brackish Music & Art is a performance series showcasing live music (improvised/composed), visual art (installation/video/projection), poetry, and movement curated by Angela Morris, jaimie branch, and stevie may. Focussed particularly on women and non-binary artists, it’s the kind of vital low-stakes / high interest environment where people can take risks within a room full of people who are likewise engaged in experimentation. When Covid-19 hit we took a leave of absence from booking shows took a deep breath and waited… when it was clear that inside shows would not be making a comeback in the short term Brackish took our series to the great outdoors and the vast digital, booking outdoor pop up concerts all over Brooklyn and commissioning video works from some of our favorite artists. The Brackish Music and Arts Video Spectacular highlights these performances and aims to bring a little joy from our community of artists to everyone watching out there in the great big digital.