0: Blastoff ! [ You/u ]

Paper Birds is out! And we’re on tour: comin’ your way, Ontario. In fact, this is happening right now:


Thanks for reading these posts (or even just this one). I hope you find a sec to listen to the music I’ve been blathering on about, and if you do, sing along, come to our next show, buy a copy, send me a letter to say you preferred when I stuck to the violin… I am also amenable to barter offers. Valet bike parking? Green smoothie recipe? Anatomy class? (hey! I heard that snicker…)

This post is the last in a non-hierarchical 10-day countdown to the launch of the EP, and to the first date of our tour, expressing my immeasurable gratitude to the many folk who’ve contributed directly to realization of the music that’s happening on Paper Birds and/or to the the physical object that is the CD itself. The names are weblinks, so go see/hear what these folks are doing out there in the wide world web.