2: Scott Colberg – acoustic bass, voice, matching socks

Also, Scott is the kind of guy who matches his black socks with the exact same type of black sock. His psychoanalysis of those folk who don’t bother to pair their socks at all doesn’t bode well for the rest of the band.

Scott really dove into this music fast before our recording session in the fall. We’d played together a little bit in the past, but the music was basically brand new to him.  His enthusiasm made it super easy to spend a bunch of time working on the forms, singing, and sharing songs we love.


banana scott

Scott’s a tremendous person who is a really fantastic bassist playing lots of different kinds of music (maybe his webiste will tell you about that part: www.scottcolberg.com). I’m super grateful for his contributions to the record and to all the music we’ve played since then and for being my country music happy hour bud and for embarking on this tour tomorrow. Yeah!!

This post is part of a non-hierarchical 10-day countdown to the launch of the EP, and to the first date of our tour, expressing my immeasurable gratitude to the many folk who’ve contributed directly to realization of the music that’s happening on Paper Birds and/or to the the physical object that is the CD itself. The names are weblinks, so go see/hear what these folks are doing out there in the wide world web.