7: Jeff Kaiser, mastering engineer


I haven’t actually had the pleasure to meet Jeff Kaiser in person yet, as he’s based out of LA, but I know if I ever do meet him it will be a pleasure because even his voicemails radiate kindness. On top of that, he completely transformed what were already beautiful mixes into warm & clear masters that make those same mixes sound a little dull. I’m so grateful for him fitting me into his crazy busy schedule as a trumpeter, ethnomusicologist, and, and… Jeff also runs a cool record label called pfmentum – check it: www.pfmentum.com

This post is part of a non-hierarchical 10-day countdown to the launch of the EP, and to the first date of our tour, expressing my immeasurable gratitude to the many folk who’ve contributed directly to realization of the music that’s happening on Paper Birds and/or to the the physical object that is the CD itself. The names are weblinks, so go see/hear what these folks are doing out there in the wide world web.