New Music

3/31 update: this isn’t so new anymore. Check the “Listen” tab for the latest.

I finally got a soundcloud page (I’m a little behind entering the second decade of the this century.) Excited to share some recent tracks of work with Alex Samaras:

“Paper Birds” EP coming soon!

Raw sneak peeks from the upcoming “Paper Birds” EP with Alex Samaras (vox), Scott Colberg (bass), Angela Morris (tenor sax).

Angela Morris Quintet + Alex Samaras: Live @ the Rex

The quintet joined forces with the spine tinglifying Alex Samaras for a concert for a very energetic Rex crowd on Jan 11, 2014.

With Alex Samaras (voice), Karen Ng (alto sax), Don Scott (guitar), Matthew Fong (bass), Ethan Ardelli (drums), Angela Morris (tenor sax).