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Webber/Morris Big Band Both Are True – Scores and Parts


Webber/Morris Big Band scores and parts are now available! Click a title below to make a purchase.

Instrumentation is for the Webber/Morris Big Band (Reed 1: alto/soprano/flute, Reed 2: alto/clarinet, Reed 3: tenor sax/flute, Reed 4: tenor sax/clarinet, Reed 5: baritone sax/bass clarinet, 4 trumpets with flugelhorn doubles, 4 trombones, piano, vibraphone, guitar, bass, and drums). In some cases, alternate rhythm section or woodwind double versions are available. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

PDFs will be sent to the email address you provide within 48 hours of the order. All prices are for PDFs only. To discuss the possibility of ordering hard copies, or if you have any other questions, please email Anna Webber or Angela Morris directly.

Both Are True (Album)   Six Score Pack: Climbing on Mirrors, Both Are True, Rebonds, Coral, And It Rolled Right Down, Reverses  – $75 
Climbing on Mirrors   Score (Webber)  – $20
Climbing on Mirrors   Score + Parts (Webber)  – $100
Both Are True   Score (Morris)  – $20
Both Are True   Score + Parts (Morris)  – $100
Rebonds   Score (Webber)  – $15
Rebonds   Score + Parts (Webber)  – $80
Coral   Score (Morris)  – $15
Coral   Score + Parts (Morris)  – $80
And It Rolled Right Down   Score (Morris)  – $20
And It Rolled Right Down   Score + Parts (Morris)  – $90
Reverses   Score (Webber)  – $20
Reverses   Score + Parts (Webber)  – $100